San José, California: an anti-pedestrian city

Sidewalk ends 700 feet ahead. Use crosswalk.
... this could easily be San José's motto ...

(sign at corner of Oakland and Brokaw)

Don't be surprised during your next visit to San José if you find yourself more comfortable driving to the store across the street, rather than walking. That's the way it's designed to be.

Anyone who has spent time in San José, California as a pedestrian knows it's not always a wonderful place to be.

Known to many outsiders as an overgrown suburb where speeding traffic seems to define the experience, San José is hoping to improve its anti-pedestrian reputation through a series of highly visible programs.

However, despite these well-aimed publicity stunts, San José isn't taking remedial action significant enough to make it as friendly to pedestrians as it is to speeding cars and red-light runners.



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